Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What on earth can I write about......

I'm sitting here mulling over the day thinking there's absolutely nothing to write about.but most blogs i read are made up of the minutiae of everyday life.I know my punctuation is appalling but i really can't type properly!My days are really busy though, I barely sit down for 10 minutes.I was thinking today that my kids have never had any interaction with jewish kids......I really hate that.I'm determined that my children will not grow up with the usual stereotypical ideas about the jewish society here.Surely it's up to our generation to instill in our kids the idea of love not hate.Maybe I'm a bit idealistic...but we have to be hopeful for our kids sake.I definately want to send my kids to the Musalaha summer camp next year where they will actually spend time interacting with and getting to know jewish kids.Have to start somewhere!

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