Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy birthday BABA.......

II didn't post anything yesterday for the simple fact that I was comatose from the cannelloni I made fro my husbands birthday!! It was loaded with 4 different kinds of Italian cheese...but really delicious!! One son had a stomach bug so he was missing from the table,so was one of my girls and the 2 little ones were asleep...... that left just 4 of us sitting at the table,me and my husband and 2 kids.It was sooo weird.I said to my husband "imagine if we only had 2 kids"? and we both looked at eachother as if to say NNNOOO just didn't feel like a family. It was so empty and quiet.Yeah.. it's hard work and they do drive us crazy at times but I'm soo glad we have a big family..all the hard work is so worth it for those moments when you look at them all and feel such pride anyway Happy Birthday to my dear husband,the love of my life...I really should tell him that more often.

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