Saturday, August 9, 2008

Book Club

Today was our Book Club meeting.A group of us expats living here in Nazareth meet every 6 weeks to have a general gossip and talk about the book.Our book thistime was "The Lemon Tree" by Sandy Tolan. Seeing as we are all living here in this country we thought it would be an interesting read seeing as it is about the friendship between a Jew and an Arab amidst the palestinian conflict. we certainly had a really interesting discussion.....and it really is fun to get together with all the girls!!! When I got home my house looked as though a tornado had been through it, which is always the case whenever I am not here. So I had a mini rant about that although everyone just completely ignores me(including my husband!) until I've shut up.My 2 boy's came in late from their church camp looking like 2 homeless boy' from head to toe.I sent them to bed in that state telling them to have a shower in the morning!!! I just could'nt face cleaning up the Armaggedon in the shower after them!!

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